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Listen to Everyone

Another tip from my public speaking course is to listen to everyone. What I mean by this, is that you should listen to every presenter before you at an event where more people are speakering besides you.  In particular, don't miss the keynote or general session speakers. When you follow this tip you are able to add a polish to your speech by incorporating something that was said previous or by not sounding redundant on your material. 
This tip from my public speaking course might also save you some embarrassment.

Many years ago I did a big presentation for a real estate company. We then went to the closing general session an hour later, and the big shot keynote speaker looked like a fool by using a lot of material that I had gone over already. People from the audience were looking at me and winking. He may have been an excellent public speaker, but he did not practice some of the important skills from my public speaking course.

There were only two sessions going on and it would have been really easy for the keynote speaker to stop by and check out my presentation, or at least find out what I was going to be talking about. 

In my public speaking course you learn to make sure your material is really unique which will help guard you from embarrassing situations.

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