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Bounce Around

Bouncing around in your presentation in an important skills taught in my public speaking course. I recently had one of the hardest public speaking presentations of my career. It was a three hour afternoon session on Reverend Martin Luther King's federal holiday in Baltimore, Maryland. 

The main reason it was so hard was because the audience consisted of all the employees from one company, ranging from the lowest level to the highest level in the company. 

This may not sound like a big deal, but it was. When you have all managers or all executives, it is easy to focus in on their particular interests and concerns.  But when you speaking to such a diverse group, you need to 'bounce around' and not spend too much time on the interests and concerns of any one particular profession. If you do, you will lose the interest of all the other groups. 

By bouncing around between groups you show every audience member you care about them, whether they are a secretary or CEO.

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